IGF 2011 Audience Award Opens Voting

Independent Games Festival organizers are debuting public voting to pick this year's IGF Audience Award from among all of the Main Competition finalist games i
[In this note to indie game fans, Independent Games Festival Chairman Brandon Boyer announces public voting to pick this year's IGF Audience Award from among all of the Main Competition finalist games for this year.] It's time to have your say for the best Independent Games Festival game of 2011, based on the games you've tried! We've just opened public voting for this year's Audience Award, with all members of the public and the indie game community eligible to vote. We're allowing voting for to any game chosen as a finalist in the festival, as opposed to just those with public PC demos, as in previous years. This is because many of the titles have been playable at other indie game events - or have Beta and other OS versions that many indie game fans may have checked out. To be part of this year's vote, simply visit the IGF Audience Award page, download any of the games that are currently publicly available (each has been marked whether there's a version for you to purchase or otherwise download). When you've made up your mind, return to vote for your favorite. After voting and inputting your email address, you'll need to verify your vote by clicking on a link sent to that email. Voting will be open from now until Friday, February 18th at midnight PST -- go check it out now and start making your way through the games!

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