IGDA Video: What Makes A Next-Gen Game?

Have we entered the next generation of games, or is it still to come - and what precisely does being next generation mean? Within, video of a recent panel from IGDA's San Diego chapter in which a panel of writers from OXM, PSM, Play, OPM, EGM, and Game De
Have we entered the next generation of games, or is it still to come, and what precisely does being next generation mean? In this video of a recent panel from the IGDA's San Diego chapter, put together through the hard work of Rockstar San Diego and High Moon Studios, a panel of writers from Play, OXM, PSM, OPM, EGM, and Game Developer discuss next-gen means to journalists - of key importance to developers, as they are the conduit through which information about games often flows. Moderated by CMP's own Game Developer Magazine features editor Brandon Sheffield, the March 29 panel also brought together Play Magazine editor in chief Dave Halverson, Official Xbox Magazine EIC Francesca Reyes, PSM deputy editor-in-chief Kaiser Hwang (at the time - he has since left), writer Paul Semel from Maxim and other mens magazines, as well as GamePro and EGM, and Spike TV Game Head host Geoff Keighley. As the IGDA says, the panel asks, "The next generation of interactive entertainment is here! Or is it? Is next gen about technology, such as HDR, 1080p, or open worlds? Is it defined by unique interfaces, rich art, or immersive gameplay? What about next-gen games keeps players glued to their seats?"
More information on the panel, speakers, organizers, and IGDA regional gatherings in the San Diego area can be found at the IGDA San Diego chapter's website.

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