Hacker Steals Frogster User Data, Threatens To Shut Down Servers

An anonymous attacker claims to have stolen login data for 3.5 million Frogster (Runes Of Magic) accounts, threatening to release that user information unless the publisher meets certain demands.
An anonymous attacker claims to have stolen login data for 3.5 million Frogster accounts, threatening to release that user information and shut down the game's servers unless the publisher meets certain demands. In a now-deleted posting on Frogster's message boards, captured by gaming blog Kotaku, a user using the handle Augustus87 demands that the Berlin-based company stop closing forum threads, offer more transparency to customers, secure its game clients and user info, and cease its alleged spying of workers' online activities. Augustus87 says if these demands are not met in two weeks, he will release information from a collection of 3.5 million accounts for Runes of Magic, Bounty Bay Online, TERA, and other free-to-play games from Frogster. Her claims 500,000 of those accounts have been "hacked and verified" so far. The hacker has already released alleged login and password information for around 2,100 from 2007 accounts on the message board -- a post Frogster's moderators quickly deleted. The publisher says it has blocked those accounts' access to the games, account management settings, and forums for those users' protection. Frogster says the data released so far comprises "outdated log-in data from 2007," before its "comprehensive reset initiative." The company has informed the German State Office of Criminal Investigation about the breach, and has formed a task force dedicated to learning how this incident occurred. "We are utilizing every means at our disposal to minimise the damage and to prevent such threats in the future," explained Runes of Magic's lead community manager Mike "Silberfuchs" Kiefer in a forum post. "We have already implemented additional security measures today." He added, "This incident is very distressing to all of us. It is targeted not only at Frogster as a company, but also at Runes of Magic as a virtual biosphere and at you as players. We are always open to constructive suggestions. However, giving your opinion on blackmail and extortion is surely not the correct approach."

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