GoD Q&A: Sony Mobile VP Berger On The Mobile Hardcore

In this Games On Deck interview, we talk to Eric Berger, VP of Mobile Entertainment, about Sony Pictures Television's existing and upcoming cellphone titles, includin
Sony Pictures Television recently announced its slate of mobile games for release in 2007, including Jeopardy! 2007 and God of War: Betrayal. In this Games On Deck interview, we talk to Eric Berger, VP of Mobile Entertainment, about Sony Pictures Television's upcoming titles and their place in the mobile space. In this excerpt, Berger talks about his perceptions of the growth of the mobile games space, and why it makes sense for both casual and “hardcore” titles and franchises: “I think you're going to see a lot more hardcore gamers coming into industry as the phones and technology get better and also as the publishers begin to step up, which really what we've done with God of War. The phones have gotten to the place where we can do a game like this justice, and that was not the case maybe even only a year or two ago. We think that the hardcore gamers who may not have experienced the mobile game market before because they viewed it as more of a casual game space that didn't fit into their interests will be extremely impressed by the gameplay here and what you can actually do on a phone today. And that's only going to get better. As publishers like us begin to tap into these phones potential and these phones begin to flood in to the market more and more over the next few years, I think you will see people begin to extend their experience.” You can now read the complete interview, which includes more from the mobile entertainment executive, including comments on the company's development processes, as well as how some titles, such as as Snoop Dogg Boxing, come to be in the first place (no registration required, please feel free to link to this column from external websites).

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