GoD Q&A: Orange Pixel's Bestebroer On The Mobile Indie Space

On the challenges of being small in the mobile market, GamesOnDeck ">talks to CEO Pascal Bestelbroer about Orange Pixel, a small mobile game developer whose mobil
Games On Deck's latest interview talks with Pascal Bestebroer, CEO of Orange Pixel, a mobile game developer and distributor who also runs a mobile gaming community, Rumble-X. Rumble-X works with small independent developers such as Plastic Cow Games (Arcade Pool) and Smallfry (Brik-Link) and offers its games in ad-supported versions on Bestebroer explains: "I noticed many developers had some form of high scores in their games, but if you go and check the scores on the developers website it was usually containing 3 - 10 scores on a empty page. So for our high scores we had to do it a little bit better, and we came up with Rumble-X, where every developer can link their own games into a gaming community. It started with a few of our own games and it has been growing ever since. We now have daily, weekly, monthly and all-time high scores, game achievements, day leaders, awards, forums, and thousands of players competing in various games. With the development prices ranging from free to a one time fee of 50 euro per game, it's very accessible for every type of developer. And, of course, for players the services is 100% free to use." Bestebroer also tells GamesOnDeck about the work Orange Pixel has done with small, independent developers: "The simple reason why we started to publish some games from small indie developers is the simple fact that we saw some good game concepts, we knew the guys who made those games and we simply offered them our large distribution network to get their games out there. The big problem with it is the handset support, many of the developers out there can come up with great games but they only play on specific handsets. This is the reason we are keeping the publishing of 3rd party titles to a minimum since we don't have the resources or the desire to become a publisher and all the headaches that come with it." For more on the challenges of being a small developer in the mobile gaming industry, you can now read the complete feature at GamesOnDeck (no reg. required, please feel free to link to this feature from other websites).

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