GoD Q&A: Cellufun CEO Goikhman On Mobile MMOs

In the latest feature for GamesOnDeck, Cellufun CEO Arthur Goikhman talks about the strengths of the mobile platform for MMOs, and how his latest title, Space War
Cellufun is an ad-supported mobile gaming platform, best known for its MobilePet series, which includes MobilePet myPhone. Its most recently released title, Space Wars, takes a bit of a bigger step -- it's a massively multiplayer mobile game for up to 120 other players. In this excerpt, Cellufun CEO Arthur Goikhman explains how the game is nicely tailored to the mobile platform: "Small screen, low res - these were standard computer limitations when games like Space Wars originally ruled college campuses; only then it was played on a mainframe the size of your kitchen. These games necessarily gave way as technology improved and ambitious titles like World of Warcraft moved in. We took the best of those ideas, introduced modern aspects - a battle session in Space Wars can include a real-time, arcade-style spaceship versus spaceship battle - and adapted it to the phone by making it highly interruptible." Goikhman also explains how the game takes its worldwide users into consideration in doing group planning: "Additionally, Space Wars allows users to calculate when their fleets will reach specific destinations, which may take minutes or hours depending on the distance. This way, the game avoids time zone issues by allowing players worldwide to engage in the same game play throughout the day, with no real disadvantage." You can now read the full interview at Games On Deck, with more insight from Goikhman on the mobile market and the team behind Space Wars.

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