Genius, 7, QD3 Team Up For DJ Rhythm Title Scratch

7 Studios (Shrek The Third) is working with Genco Interactive, Genius Products and musician and producer Quincy "QD3" Jones III to develop a hip hop rhythm game called Scratch: The Ultimate DJ, which incorporates a Numark turntable controlle
7 Studios is working with musician and producer Quincy "QD3" Jones III to develop a hip hop video game called Scratch: The Ultimate DJ, which incorporates a "turntable controller." Scratch is set in "distinctive urban environments" and focuses on DJ tricks and rhythm gameplay set to hip hop music. Though no specific list of artists was announced, Jones has produced music for artists including Tupac Shakur, LL Cool J and Ice Cube. The game aims to capture "the vital energy of hip hop culture" and "excite a large and relatively untapped fan base." 7 Studios, which has historically developed property license games like Six Flags Fun Park and Shrek the Third, will partner with Genius Products and Genco Interactive on the title. Numark, a company that manufactures DJ equipment, will create the "Scratch Deck" controller for the game, and players will apparently be able to manipulate music tracks in real time as they select a DJ personality and follow a career arc. The title is slated for Spring 2009, and while the announcement didn't specify platforms, it noted "multiple next generation game systems." "With the recent success of music-driven videogames and the dominance of urban culture in the youth market, the potential for Scratch is endless" says Jones. "Having spent 20 years as a music producer for artists such as Tupac, LL, and Ice Cube, it is rewarding to work with 7 Studios, Genius and Genco to ensure that there is authenticity in every detail of this game." "Scratch will feature original recordings from the catalogs of many top urban artists and will allow players to re-imagine songs on the fly and add their own creativity," he adds. "This feature sets it apart from other music rhythm games and makes it a dream come true for both casual music fans and serious DJs/producers."

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