Gearbox Site Seeks To Identify, Recognize Duke Nukem Forever Contributors

Gearbox Software has set up a web site seeking to idnetify and recognize all the people that have worked on Duke Nukem Forever over its roller-coaster 14-year development cycle.
With a development history spanning multiple developers and publishers and over 14 years, generating a complete list of people that worked on Duke Nukem Forever is not a simple matter. But developer Gearbox Software is seeking to do just that with a new web site devoted to identifying and recognizing everyone who had a hand in the project. "We couldn’t possibly internally identify every person touched by this game from the inception of Duke Nukem Forever," Gearbox community manager Chris Faylor said. "It is our desire to recognize and acknowledge the people who have in some way been a part of the legacy and evolution of the game." The site includes options for employees of DNF developers, publishers and contracotrs, as well as notable press, community members and fans. Applicants are asked to gauge their personal impact on the game at the time and in the imagined final game on a five-point scale. It's unclear how Gearbox will be vetting the information, or whether it will be included in the game itself when it ships to stores in early May.

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