GDC Europe 2009 Opens Registration

Registration for Game Developers Conference Europe, taking place in Cologne, Germany alongside Gamescom this August, is now open -- with discounts for those who sign up by July 29.
Registration for the 2009 Game Developers Conference Europe is now open, organizers announced today. The event takes place August 17 to 19 in Cologne, Germany. Registrations will be accepted until the second day of the conference, August 18. Discounts will be applied to those who sign up by July 29, said show caretaker Think Services (also parent company of Gamasutra). A sister event to Game Developers Conference 2009, which took place last week in San Francisco, the 2009 Game Developers Conference Europe will be held in conjunction with the Cologne-based game trade show Gamescom. GDC Europe, whose official website is now open, consists of more than 80 lectures, panels, and keynotes focusing on game design, programming, production, and business. Said event director Frank Sliwka, "GDC Europe will be the definitive European developer event this year. We are combining the unique strengths, history, and reach of the GDC to Europe and creating an event truly focused in serving developers in Europe and worldwide."

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