GCG Podcast: The Art Institute Online Presents Game Career Sessions

GameCareerGuide, in association with The Art Institute Online, is presenting a special Game Career Seminar podcast from this year's Austin GDC, with audio from five sessions covering choosing a school, breaking into the industry, and an interview with gam
Gamasutra is proud to present the latest free Game Developers Conference recording, part of our regular weekly GDC Radio podcasts, which include both the Tom Kim-presented Gamasutra Podcast show, alongside the best lectures, tutorials, and roundtables from this and previous years' Game Developers Conferences. For this week's special podcast we cover five Game Career Seminar sessions from the recent Austin Game Developers Conference, all of which are being brought to you in association with The Art Institute Online. The topics covered in the sessions range from choosing a school, to breaking into the industry, to improving your networking skills, to a special interview with industry veteran David Perry on his rise through the industry to his successes today. The five sessions are as follows: A Game Industry Journeyman Speaker: Andy Schatz (Pocketwatch Games) From his start as an intern at one of the first internet gaming portals in 1995 through his work in the big budget console world to the happy land of indie game development and the casual gaming gold rush, Andy has seen it all. Learn about how to break into the industry, and then how to break out of it. Download the Game Career Seminar lecture, 'A Game Industry Journeyman' (.MP3, 62 minutes, 14.1 MB). Schools Under the Microscope: An Open Q&A Speaker: Gordon Dutrisac (Student Services Director, DigiPen Institute of Technology) Jeannie Novak and Stacey Simmons (Director, BRADIC) Casey Jones (Instructor, Texas State Technical College) Bob McGoldrick (Video Games Coordinator, Austin Community College) Representatives from various types of schools that offer degrees in, or related to, game development and design are on-hand to take your questions. Download the Game Career Seminar lecture, 'Schools Under the Microscope' (.MP3, 59 minutes, 13.6 MB). What are Employers Looking for Now? Speaker: Robin McShaffry (VP Operations, Michael Nichols (Senior Recruiter, THQ/Vigil Games) Jackie Shuler (Recruiter, Electronic Arts, Inc.) What are the latest hiring trends in the game industry? What do companies look for in entry-level candidates? Which skills are most sought after? Learn, from search to follow-up, how to showcase the skills you are equipped with. Followed by Q&A. Download the Game Career Seminar lecture, 'What are Employers Looking for Now?' (.MP3, 56 minutes, 13 MB). Networking 101 Speaker: Darius Kazemi (President, Orbus Gameworks) Get out of your seats for an interactive networking live game! It's more than just shmoozing, it's a valuable way to open up new opportunities. Download the Game Career Seminar lecture, 'Networking 101' (.MP3, 63 minutes, 14.3 MB). When did You last Level Up? Career Advice from an Industry Veteran Speaker: David Perry (CEO/Founder, It's like going on a diet, it won't be easy, but if you want to spike your career right now, David Perry (a 25 year industry veteran with multiple #1 games under his belt) is here to share some advice. This Q&A with GDC's Executive Director Jamil Moledina, should reveal some insights into how this multi-millionaire developer has found ways to keep a career growing in this fast moving and highly-competitive business. Download the Game Career Seminar lecture, 'Career Advice from an Industry Veteran' (.MP3, 62 minutes, 14.2 MB). In addition, you can subscribe to the GDC Radio podcasts by clicking this link for iTunes. You can manually subscribe to our feed in your favorite RSS reader that supports enclosures by using this URL:

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