GCG Feature: 'Working With a Recruiter'

For the latest feature on on sister site GameCareerGuide, CEO Marc Mencher airs the laundry about recruiters – what they do, who benefits from using them, and what
In a new feature about recruitment on sister site, game developer recruiter Marc Mencher explains how a relationship between a recruiter, a game developer, and a game studio works. Recruitment in this industry is different from others, and because Mencher’s specializes in finding video game development talent, he’s in a position to share the inside scoop. And he makes no bones about who’s worth recruiting and who isn’t: “A strong word of caution to readers just graduating from college and looking to break into the video game industry: using a recruiter before you have worked for at least one game company and have had one professional title published would be a disaster akin to Britney Spears' recent performance on MTV's Video Music Awards. Job-hunting is really difficult, believe me I know, but there are no free lunches and no shortcuts. Think of how hard you worked to get your degree, or remember that time you stayed up for two days trying to shave a half second off your race time on Need for Speed -- that's the dedication your job hunt requires. And just like that tricky hairpin turn, you can rely on only yourself to pull through.” You can now read the full GameCareerGuide feature, with more from Mencher on what you can expect if you choose to work with a recruiter.

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