GCG Feature: 'Student Postmortem: Chase the Chicken'

Today's feature on new Gamasutra sister site Game Career Guide shares the ups and downs of developing The Art Institute of Vancouver's wacky Chase the Chicken mod, tail-feathers and all, in this exclusiv
Today's feature on new Gamasutra sister site Game Career Guide, which deals with game education-related news and features, shares the development and outcomes for the Art Institute of Vancouver's student Unreal Tournament 2004 mod named Chase the Chicken. Graduate Märt Lume describes the decidedly wacky student-created game in the following extract: "In Chase the Chicken, players assume the role of Chase, the frantic chicken, who narrowly escapes the blade of an oversized and over-zealous Chef. What follows is a ridiculously chaotic pursuit through a South American village with Chef and fanatical villagers clipping at Chase’s tail-feathers. Inspired loosely by the opening sequence in the film City of God (Miramax, 2002), the idea was a bit of a tough sell to a team of students… but that’s a topic for later. Laden with as many morsels of silliness as we could muster, Chase the Chicken features an effective rear-view camera dubbed the “Chase Cam”, diving villagers, explosive eggs, a “Level Objective Locator” or L.O.L., and a city covered with chicken and Chef-related paraphernalia. This post mortem is an account of this project, the challenges, the successes, and the chicken-related jokes faced by the developers, Team Speed-Force Alpha." You can read the full Game Career Guide feature on the topic to find out about what went right and what went wrong for the team (no registration required, please feel free to link to this feature from external websites).

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