GCG Feature: 'Nanyang Polytechnic’s Dungeon Revival'

The latest feature of Gamasutra's sister educational site Game Career Guide sees students from Singapore's Nanyang Polytechnic
November 02, 2006
The latest feature of Gamasutra's sister educational site Game Career Guide sees Digital Entertainment Technology students from Singapore's Nanyang Polytechnic giving their postmortem for their recently completed title, Dungeon Revival. The students, known as Mikonos Studio, introduce their game thusly: "Dungeon Revival is our first OpenGL 3D game and a testament to the effort and dedication put in by us despite being freshly graduated from secondary school and having a tight schedule Dungeon Revival is a hybrid of the classics Pac-Man (Namco) and Doom (Id Software). It has the player assume the role of a carefree character, Uru-chan, who was framed by a corrupt official and thrown into the depths of the prison dungeon. As corruption in the kingdom is rife, our character finds an opportunity to escape: a guard in the prison sets him free and promises to let him take the lift to the level’s exit if he collects all the coins scattered throughout the dungeons. As the character moves through the dungeon, he will encounter guards who will try to apprehend him. The only weapons for Uru-chan to defeat his enemies are colored gems also scattered around. Traps (blinding oil, teleporter) are built into the prison to ensure it will not be all smooth-sailing for any inmate trying to escape. Our game revolves around the idea of the lift always taking Uru-chan up one level of the dungeon where another desperate guard is eager to let him use the next lift for a small fee. It challenges the player’s dexterity to move through the maze in a given time limit. Along the way, careful pre-planning of a path through the level and the ability to quickly notice traps are crucial." You can now read the full Game Career Guide feature to learn more about the team's challenges, successes and lessons learned over Dungeon Revival's 5 month development period (no registration required, please feel free to link to this column from external websites).

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