Gaming Site Shacknews Acquired By Gamefly

Consumer gaming site Shacknews has been acquired by gaming rental service GameFly, the two companies announced yesterday. The deal includes all of Shacknews' subsites, and its editorial staff is said to be kept intact.
Consumer gaming site Shacknews has been acquired by subscription-based gaming rental service GameFly, the two companies announced. The deal is said to include all of Shacknews' properties, including file download service FileShack and trailer streaming site Shackvideo. Shacknews' editorial staff will remain in place. Founded in 1995 by owner Steve Gibson, Shacknews originally focused on id Software's pioneering shooter Quake, before expanding to cover PC gaming and eventually multiplatform gaming. The site remained independent until the GameFly acquisition. "GameFly has demonstrated a true understanding of and commitment to [Shacknews'] authentic gaming culture," Gibson said in a statement. "We are confident they will protect the legacy and community we've established, while at the same time providing much needed resources to expand into new and exciting areas that would not otherwise be possible." GameFly CEO David Hodess noted, "With its avid, engaged community and commitment to providing an independent voice for gamers seeking the most accurate and up-to-date news and information, it goes to the core of our vision as a company, which is to be the ultimate resource for the entire gaming community." Sean Spector, who co-founded GameFly in 2002 and serves as its VP of business development, promised that while his company would add more resources to the site, it would not alter its scope. "We're not looking to twist and turn the site into something else," Spector said. "We purchased Shacknews because it's a great site."

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