GameStop Won't Sell Medal Of Honor At U.S. Military Bases

GameStop said it is pulling preorders, advertising and sales of EA's Afghan War-based video game Medal of Honor from military base stores "out of respect for our past and present men and women in uniform."
Leading U.S. specialty video game retailer GameStop said Thursday that in agreement with military retailers, it will not be selling or advertising Electronic Arts' controversial Afghan War-based shooter Medal of Honor at stores on military bases, according to a Kotaku report. The controversy surrounding the game comes from players' ability to play as the Taliban in the game's multiplayer modes. Opponents to the game have argued that allowing gamers to play as Taliban and kill American troops in the game is disrespectful to real-life veterans, active duty soldiers and fallen troops. "GameStop has agreed out of respect for our past and present men and women in uniform we will not carry Medal of Honor in any of our [Army and Air Force Exchange Service]-based stores," according to an email reportedly sent to GameStop employees. "As such, GameStop agreed to have all marketing material pulled by noon today and to stop taking reservations. Customers who enter our AAFES stores and wish to reserve Medal of Honor can and should be directed to the nearest GameStop location off base." "GameStop fully supports AAFES in this endeavor and is sensitive to the fact that in multiplayer mode one side will assume the role of Taliban fighter," the email added. Approached last month about the purported controversy, EA senior PR manager Amanda Taggart contended, "Most of us have been doing this since we were seven... if someone's the cop, someone's got to be the robber, someone's got to be the pirate and someone's got to be the alien. In Medal of Honor multiplayer, someone's gotta be the Taliban." Medal of Honor is due to launch this October, and will be the first time that the series is set outside of World War II.

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