GamerMetrics: Xbox 360 UT3 Delayed Over Halo Hype?

According to an IGN GamerMetrics report, the Xbox 360 SKU of Midway's Unreal Tournament III has emerged with the strongest affinity to fans of Halo 3, suggesting that Midway's move to release the game as a timed exclusive for PS3 in November
IGN Entertainment has said in its latest GamerMetrics report that among the nearly 15,000 gamers surveyed, the Xbox 360 SKU of Midway's Unreal Tournament III has emerged with the strongest affinity to fans of Halo 3. As the report notes, if the Xbox 360 SKU for UT3 had launched at the same time as its PS3 and PC versions, due out in November, it might have been buried under an avalanche of Halo hype. But releasing it next year ensures that it'll reach Halo 3 fans at a time when they might be more receptive. During Midway's Q2 earnings call, the company had stated UT3 was planned as a PlayStation 3 exclusive, with President and CEO David Zucker reluctant to give out any details on deals that might have been struck. Now, though, the report posits that the later release of the Xbox 360 SKU might have been a wise strategic move on the part of the company. "But by the time next year rolls around," the report concludes, "the millions of Halo owners will be looking for a fresh new experience, and the data shows that Unreal Tournament III will be at the top of these gamers' wish lists."

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