GameFly Rental Chart Highlights: Week Ending December 19

This week's GameFly video game rental charts for North America, specifically relating to games rented via the games-by-mail service for the week ending December 19th, and...
This week's GameFly video game rental charts for North America, specifically relating to games rented via the games-by-mail service for the week ending December 19th, and showing popularity over multiple game formats. The imperial forces have been driven back by a group of cowboys this week in the all-formats chart, with Activision's Gun ousting Lucasarts' Star Wars Battlefront II, currently in second for the number one multi-platform spot, and with Midway's new Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows at number three. Condemned: Criminal Origins for the Xbox 360 is at number four, with Half-Life 2 in fifth. The list does not specify exactly which rendition of the cross-platform titles performed the best, but it seems likely that the most rented game of the week was the Xbox version of Gun, with the Xbox's top three being an identical mirror of the cross-platform list. At numbers four and five for the Xbox are the ever-popular Half-Life 2 and Call of Duty 2, respectively. For the Xbox 360, Condemned: Criminal Origins regains its number one position, after being ousted by Perfect Dark Zero last week. Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Call of Duty 2 fill out the remainder of the top three. For the PlayStation 2, the brand new Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows takes the number one spot away from last week's Need for Speed: Most Wanted, with Resident Evil 4 at number two and Shadow of the Colossus at number three, both switching places from last week. Need for Speed: Most Wanted falls all the way to fifth, with Square-Enix's Dragon Quest VIII at fourth. With no major new releases, the Gamecube's top three is exactly as it was last week, with Super Mario Strikers, Mario Party 7, and Shadow the Hedgehog in the top three, respectively. For the Game Boy Advance, two new titles fill the top spots this week, with Final Fantasy IV in first and Mario Tennis: Power Tour in second. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, a very popular rental title since its debut way back in January, is in third. For the Nintendo DS, Animal Crossing: Wild World - which debuted last week at number two - was the most rented game this week, followed by last week's chart-topper, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time at number two and Mario Kart DS in third. And finally, for the PSP, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories remains on top, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo stays at number two, and The Sims 2 takes the third place spot away from last week's Prince of Persia Revelations, which managed to fall off of the top ten entirely.

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