GameFly Rental Chart Highlights: Week Ending December 12

This week's GameFly video game rental charts for North America, specifically relating to games rented via the games-by-mail service for the week ending December 5th, show...
This week's GameFly video game rental charts for North America, specifically relating to games rented via the games-by-mail service for the week ending December 5th, show popularity over multiple game formats. In the final days of the holiday season, Star Wars Battlefront II has rallied the stormtroopers to reclaim the #1 position on the all-format rental charts. This week seems to mark the first time GameFly has specifically noted which version of multi-platform games are in which position on the cross-platform chart, so it can be stated definitvely that the Xbox owns all top three slots: #2 is the Xbox port of Half-Life 2, and #3 is the Xbox version of Matrix: Path of Neo. Possibly due to the PS2's relatively weak online component, Star Wars didn't make it into the top three on that platform's charts. Instead, Need for Speed: Most Wanted is in first place, ahead of Shadow of the Colossus, which continues to struggle upwards on the charts, improving on its position of #3 last week. This week's #3 is Resident Evil 4, enjoying a second life near the end of the year after the GameCube edition made it big early on in 2005. Since three Xbox titles were atop the all-format chart, it's no surprise to see them reprised in the same order: Star Wars Battlefront II, then Half-Life 2 and Matrix: Path of Neo. On Xbox 360, Perfect Dark Zero rises back to the top of the next-generation lists, followed by Call of Duty 2 and last week's winner Condemned: Criminal Origins. Super Mario Strikers scores a GameCube goal with a #1 showing on this week's GC charts, ahead of Mario Party 7 at #2 and Shadow the Hedgehog at #3. On Game Boy Advance, Pokémon Emerald and Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap are still #1 and #2, respectively, but this week Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories rides a wave of advance Kingdom Hearts II hype to make a comeback in the #3 spot. On the Nintendo DS, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time is still at #1 on the dual-screened handheld, holding its position even against the debut of Animal Crossing: Wild World. The third game compatible with Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connnection service makes its entrance at #2, above original WFC title Mario Kart DS at #3. Finally, the PSP chart is a quite similar to last week's, with Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories at #1 and SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo at #2, but this week, Prince of Persia Revelations Ubisoft's upgraded port of The Warrior Within, debuts in third place.

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