Game Of The Year Picks: Large Animal Games' Coray Seifert

As part of Gamasutra's end of year round-up, we've asked our readers to submit their choices for ...
As part of Gamasutra's end of year round-up, we've asked our readers to submit their choices for top three games of 2005, which we will publish over the next few days alongside picks from the Gamasutra staff. Today's first picks come from Large Animal Games' Coray Seifert, whose top titles are as follows: "Halo 2 Expansion Pack - With the ridiculous amount of production time going into top-tier games like Halo 2, I say its about time publishers and developers started cashing in on the hard work and resources that go into these titles. As a huge Halo 2 fan, I was thrilled to see more content for my favorite game, and the documentary that game with the levels was also great to watch. Gotta love the guy wearing the IGDA shirt! 'Hot Coffee' Minigame - Let's face it. While Grand Theft Auto's Hot Coffee has created a political firestorm and given the Take-Two folks a few headaches, this could be the best thing to happen to the games industry since Pong. When was the last time everyone you knew had such a strong opinion about games? Soon the politicians using the issue as an election-year headline grabber will find a new hot-button issue, and the games industry will be left stronger than it was before. NCAA Football 2005 - The best part about it? It wasn't that it looked particularly amazing, or had flashy graphics; it was all done through creative implementation of existing features. Evolving the Impact Player system, redressing the create-a-player mode as the "Race for the Heisman" game mode, and a slew of other minor improvements easily made this my favorite football game of the past 15 years." Anyone else interested in answering this question should use the official Question Of The Week page until January 2, 2006. Respondents should ideally keep their answers under 500 words.

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