Game Industry, Incentives Helping Drive Job Creation In Texas

Thanks to its economic incentives, Texas's video game industry created more full-time jobs in two years than other industries like TV and film that were eligible for grants under a new program.
The video game industry's ability to create new jobs is a much-touted point in advocacy on its behalf, particularly in areas hoping to implement economic incentives. The state of Texas has one such program -- and says the industry created more full-time jobs in two years than other industries that were eligible for the program. Texas's "Moving Image Industry Incentive Program" offers grants for productions in television, films, advertising and movies in addition to video games, aiming to create more jobs in the state. Since the program was enacted in 2007, it's been a success, says state comptroller Susan Combs. "In 2009, the video game industry spent $234 million in Texas and employed 3,400 permanent workers with a positive economic impact on the state and on their local communities," she says. Between April 2009 and 2010, Texas' video game industry created 1,700 jobs, claimed the comptroller's report. The Entertainment Software Association is hoping Texas' story can serve as an example of the mutual benefits state incentive programs can offer the game industry and its employees. "We commend Governor Perry and the Texas legislature for their vision in creating a program to cultivate these high-tech jobs," says ESA CEO Michael Gallagher. The ESA notes that Florida, Georgia, Louisana and North Carolina are among other states that have adopted incentive programs to attract the game industry.

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