Former THQ Creative Director To Head Up RuneScape

UK-based independent developer Jagex is appointing former THQ creative director Vince Farquharson to oversee content development and further international expansion of its flagship title, the fantasy MMO RuneScape.
UK-based independent developer Jagex is appointing former THQ exec Vince Farquharson to head up its flagship title, the fantasy MMO RuneScape. Farquharson will focus on expanding RuneScape through further content development and launching the game in new territories. At THQ, Farquharson was creative director and development director for three years, overseeing titles including Moto GP 06 and 07, Worms: Open Warfare 1 and 2, Worms: A Space Oddity, Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command and Broken Sword: The Angel of Death. "Vince brings a wealth of industry experience, making him the ideal candidate for Head of RuneScape," says Jagex CEO Geoff Iddison. "We see him as a fantastic addition to RuneScape, at a time when the game is surging in popularity." Says Farquharson, "I'm absolutely thrilled to be joining the RuneScape team. Since its launch in 2001, RuneScape has evolved into a phenomenal success with millions of players across the world. I'm very excited to be working with the team responsible for this, as we take the game forward into 2009 and beyond."

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