Feature: 'Becoming A Stellar Manager : Networking And Negotiation'

Continuing his multiple articles in the series, game HR veteran Marc Mencher
Continuing his multiple articles in the series, game HR veteran Marc Mencher doles out advice on getting ahead in the game biz by discussing the art of negotiation and collaboration for today's game industry manager. But what role does networking play, and more to the point, why is it important? Mencher explains: “Today, you hear the word “network” everywhere. Social networks are more or less organized connections between people with interests in common, like MMO guilds, participants in Internet chat rooms or friends and acquaintances at parties, conventions, business meetings. A network can also be a list of names in an address book or people in an online e-group. It also refers to television companies, linked transmitting stations, wires or filaments or veins or even sewers that are linked or interconnected. In the business world, networking involves making contact with other people and it’s one of the most important skills of successful influencers. Some people have made it a habit to form partnerships and cultivate alliances across a broad spectrum of abilities, locations and interests. Networking opportunities crop up pretty much 24/7 -- while you’re waiting for an elevator, standing in line for coffee, traveling, shopping in the supermarket, even going to another floor of the building where you work. If you take even a few minutes to introduce yourself to someone and exchange small talk about anything from the weather to your favorite sports team to who got whacked in last night’s crime drama, you’re networking. More formal opportunities for meeting people include training sessions, special interest groups, media briefings, conventions and of course social gatherings. Helping people connect on the Internet has turned into its own business with virtual business cards, pop-up reminders and a host of ways to get ahead professionally and socially through others -- and an opportunity for networking is an opportunity to exercise influence.” You can now read the complete feature, which includes more from Mencher on the importance of social interaction and negotiation for today's managers in the games industry (no registration required, please feel free to link to this feature from external websites).

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