ESA Foundation Awards $1 Million In Grants

The Entertainment Software Association's charitable arm, the ESA Foundation, has selected nine recipients of $1 million in grants to support the chosen organizations in developing youth-focused programs for education, health and safety.
The Entertainment Software Association has selected nine organizations to receive $1 million in grants from its charitable arm, the ESA Foundation. The financial awards are intended to support the chosen organizations in developing youth-focused programs for education, health and safety. "The creativity and commitment of these recipients gives us a glimpse into the countless ways technology, including video games, can be used to improve the quality of life of our young people," said ESA CEO Michael Gallagher. The ESA Foundation's 2008 grant recipients are as follows: Animation Project, Inc. will use technology-based art therapy and 3D computer animation to promote mental health among at-risk adolescents. HopeLab Foundation will continue to distribute Re-Mission, a video game that builds confidence in cancer patients to manage the disease. PAX will provide resources that enable youths to prevent weapon-related violence in their schools and communities. ThanksUSA will distribute scholarships and an online classroom game that celebrates and teaches America’s history and values. WGBH will develop a video game that teaches children how to deal with environmental challenges and live sustainable lifestyles. Web Wise Kids will expand the reach of its youth Internet safety program, which features three customized video games that teach students how to be safe online. Federation of American Scientists will develop a video game for high school biology classes, particularly in underserved areas, that teaches basic immunology concepts. One Economy Corporation will enroll 5,000 youths in a program that seeks to connect low-income families and communities with the 21st-century economy. National Institute on Media and the Family will develop an on-line e-learning zone for using the latest interactive technologies to help kids and adults understand the issues and potential areas of concern with the Internet.

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