Entertainment Consumers Association Forms New Charitable Organization

The game-centric Entertainment Consumers Association has announced that it has formed the ECA Institute, a charitable organization which will help produce polls, research, and educational scholarships based around the game industry.
Today, the Entertainment Consumers Association, an an advocacy organization for video game players, has announced that it has formed the ECA Institute, a charitable organization which will help produce meaningful data that helps shape the activities of the ECA at large. According to the ECA's official statement, requests for game industry-relevant research and information have been increasing from ECA members, and this new organization will engage in activities such as polling, publishing reports, and technical consultation. The ECA Institute will also participate in efforts to establish scholarships, financial aid, and other educational programs. The press release also leaves the clear implication that the ECA Institute will contribute to the ECA's lobbying work: "The ECA Institute contributes to and helps shape both public discussion of its priority issues and decision makers' understanding of gamers' needs and concerns." "The Institute enables us to work with existing and new supporters in different ways than the Entertainment Consumers Association can and, as a result, will make advancing the wants and needs of gamers more effective. It is an interesting collaborative environment that will yield some truly impressive results and affect change in wholly new and compelling ways," says Hal Halpin, ECA founder. The ECA Institute is a charitable organization under U.S. tax code -- defined as a a 501(c)(3) organization.

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