Eidos Parts With Gimme5games

British publisher Eidos has divested web and casual games studio Gimme5Games, selling to general manager Matt Spall, and attributed to Eidos'"increased focus on its cornerstone franchises," such as Tomb Raider.
In another move designed to help increase focus on its flagship titles, British publisher Eidos divested its web and casual games studio Gimme5Games, as part of a mutual agreement enabling the latter to operate independently. Founded in 1999 and based in London, Gimme5Games designs, develops, and publishes browser-based titles through its online portal. Eidos acquired the studio with its purchase of Gimme5Games' parent company and mobile game developer Morpheme (Croc Mobile) in 2007. Eidos agreed to sell back the rights to the and sites, as well as their games and other properties to the studio's general manager Matt Spall, who says that his team will continue to run the company and its associated web presences on an independent basis. "This is the best route for all parties involved," says Spall. "We understand we're not the focus of Eidos' business right now, but we passionately believe in our business and this way the team here are free to explore new and exciting business opportunities." The sale was attributed to Eidos' "increased focus on its cornerstone franchises." In January, Eidos-owned developer Crystal Dynamics, primarily known for its Tomb Raider titles, laid off some 30 employees as part of the company's efforts to concentrate on the Lara Croft series. The British publisher also recently closed its Manchester-based mobile gaming studio Rockpool Games (mobile versions of Worms and MotoGP), as it shifted more of its attention on "high-quality titles that will deliver long-term franchise value." Eidos is currently widely speculated to be the target of buyout bids, and as such has been aiming to maximize its strengths. It recently finalized a change in name; SCi, formerly the parent of Eidos, renamed itself entirely to Eidos as the company hoped to focus on its ownership of the Tomb Raider franchise, which would be its primary asset in an acquisition.

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