Eidos Announces Death Jr.: Root of Evil For Wii

Eidos has announced it will publish the latest title in the Backbone Entertainment-developed Death Jr. franchise, with Wii exclusive Death Jr.: Root of Evil due in Spring 2008, marking the historically portable franchise's first console inst
Eidos has announced it will publish the latest title in the Backbone Entertainment-developed Death Jr. franchise, titled Death Jr.: Root of Evil, for Wii in Spring 2008. Again starring DJ, son of the Grim Reaper, Root of Evil finds him and his friends accidentally freeing a bitter woodland nymph, and are challenged with containing the creatures she unleashes. Players can take either the role of DJ or his sweetheart, Pandora, as they attempt to rescue DJ's father and save their town. Death Jr.: Root of Evil will employ the Wii's motion controls for Pandora's whip, and will include a co-op mode. It also features 19 levels and a variety of additional weapons and combat moves. Since the franchise's launch on the PSP, Death Jr., which also has a spinoff comic, has only appeared on handheld systems. Root of Evil will be the first title in the franchise for a console. Eidos sales and marketing VP Robert A. Lindsey commented, "Eidos is proud to bring the console debut of the Death Jr. series to Wii, with a new simple control scheme, intuitive aiming system, and polished graphics that enhance the game's action platform experience. Death Jr.'s vibrant stylized art and quirky intelligent characters, combined with the new split-screen cooperative mode, makes Death Jr.: Root of Evil appealing to a wide-reaching audience that has embraced Wii."

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