eGames Kicks Off Distribution Deal With Burger King

eGames has announced a new distribution deal that uses fast-food giant Burger King as its delivery mechanism.
Burger King will include CD-ROMs containing eGames' titles in the restaurant's "Big Kids" membership kits. The CD-ROMs are mailed to new members of the Big Kids database as part of a "Welcome Aboard" mailer. The Big Kids database adds 30-50,000 new kids monthly between the ages of four and twelve. "This distribution will bring eGames products directly into the homes of families throughout the U.S. while helping to drive traffic to the eGames online store and Burger King restaurants, said Jerry Klein, President and CEO of eGames. "As more and more children familiarize themselves with our excellent game play and high-quality sounds and graphics, we are confident that they will become loyal game players and will seek out the eGames brand when making future purchasing decisions." The CD-ROMs are specially designed for the marketing campaign and feature one set of games for kids under the age of eight and one for kids ages eight and above.

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