Eat Sleep Play's Jaffe Talks State Of Console War

As part of an in-depth Gamasutra interview with David Jaffe (God Of War, Twisted Metal), the Eat Sleep Play co-founder has been discussing the console confl
As part of an in-depth Gamasutra interview with David Jaffe (God Of War, Twisted Metal), the Eat Sleep Play co-founder has been discussing the console conflict, suggesting that the PS3 will be "close to ahead, if not totally ahead" of the Xbox 360 "when the dust settles". Just one part of a wide-ranging chat which also focuses on Twisted Metal: Head On for the PlayStation 2 and the rise of the casual/shortplay game, Jaffe responds when asked about the evolution of the console market: "Well, I love the PlayStation 3. I mean, I have a Wii, I barely play it -- not because I don't like it or appreciate it, I just, you know, it's not my cup of tea at the moment. Mario Galaxy, I thought was pretty cool. I've got to be honest: I didn't think that it was as good as Ratchet. I didn't get the huge big deal over it; I thought it was a really good Mario game, but I wasn't like, "Oh my God, it's Mario 64!" I'm totally in the minority in that. Of course, I like my Wii; I love my 360, I think the 360's awesome; I really do love the PlayStation 3, though, and I was really excited to hear some journalists talking recently about the new Burnout. With Burnout, if you really want to play Burnout the way it's supposed to be played, play it on the PlayStation 3. And I think now we're just starting to see the idea that the PS3 is going to be capable of ultimately being the best system out there, in terms of delivering the best games and the best performance. And, you know, I love the fact that Blu-ray seems to be doing really well, and seems to be winning the format war. So I'm a big fan of the PlayStation 3. Of course I wish it was a little less costly, I wish it had a bigger market share, but I think all that is just to come. I don't look at the situation and think that it's: "Where it is now is where it's going to be." I ultimately see it being pretty close to ahead, if not totally ahead, in terms of Xbox, in terms of market share when all the dust settles. I'm a big fan." The full Gamasutra interview with Jaffe is now available, including much more on the directions the market is taking right now, and how his new development studio Eat, Sleep, Play fits into the equation.

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