EA Sports To Launch Licensed Peripherals Line

Electronic Arts is partnering with three video game accessory companies to create a line of licensed, branded EA Sports game peripherals, the first of which will arrive in spring 2010.
Electronic Arts has signed multi-year licensing agreements with manufacturers of electronic accessories, through which it'll create EA Sports-branded peripherals for its sports games like EA Sports Active. EA will tap tech companies Sakar, Sunflex and Accessories 4 Technologies and licensing group IMG to promote and distribute its accessories worldwide. The agreements encompass new gaming controls, multimedia, computer and iPod accessories and more, the first of which is set to release in spring 2010. Sunflex Europe is already developing 20 products under the agreement, according to EA. The publisher says the new accessories are designed to "enhance the experience of playing EA Sports video games and interactive fitness products." "Each of these new partnerships offers EA SPORTS new ways to improve our consumers’ experience and deepen their connection to the fabric of sport," says EA Sports brand marketing VP Glenn Chin. "With our games, we always strive to deliver innovation, authenticity and fun," Chin adds. "We see a tremendous opportunity with these partners to bring those qualities to life in unique and exciting new products for EA Sports."

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