EA Gets Exclusive Bourne Rights, Plans New Game

Electronic Arts secured exclusive rights to create video games based on Robert Ludlum's work, including the Bourne novel and film series -- and Swedish developer Starbreeze Studios working on the first Bourne game for EA.
Electronic Arts secured the exclusive worldwide license to create video games based on Robert Ludlum's work, including the popular Jason Bourne novel and film series, from Ludlum Entertainment. With the multi-year agreement, EA announced a new Jason Bourne title from Starbreeze Studios, Sweden-based developer of The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, The Darkness, and the in-progress The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. No further specifics on the title were revealed. EA vet and alternate reality game creator Matt Wolf, who serves as interactive creative adviser for the Robert Ludlum Estate, will work with Electronic Arts to oversee the "creative development, production, and positioning" of the Ludlum Entertainment games portfolio. Former Eidos president and Boesky & Company head Keith Boesky represented Ludlum Entertainment in the transaction. The Jason Bourne novels have so far sold over 290 million copies globally, while the action-espionage movies, starring Matt Damon, have grossed nearly $1 billion worldwide to date. Ludlum Entertainment and Universal Pictures recently signed a long-term agreement granting Universal exclusive right to continue making Bourne films. The previous Bourne game release, Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy (pictured), was based on the series' first film, The Bourne Identity, and was developed by High Moon Studios and published by Sierra Entertainment. "Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne is the most exciting action hero to emerge in decades, thrilling audiences around the world," says Mike Quigley, group vice president of marketing at EA Games Label. He continues, "EA is excited to enter into a long-term relationship with Ludlum Entertainment, bringing the action, intrigue and intensity of Robert Ludlum’s fiction to life for casual and core gamers around the globe.”

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