DTP Adds Two New Executives

German publisher Dtp Entertainment (Sabotage, Tony Tough 2) has announced the continued expansion of its business with the addition of two new hires -- Stefan Heinemann as chief consultant and Eric Müller-Borle as financial director -- as th
German publisher Dtp Entertainment (Sabotage, Tony Tough 2) is continuing the expansion project they announced last year, as it announces the addition of Stefan Heinemann to their team as chief consultant and Eric Müller-Borle as financial director. Dtp Entertainment CEO Thomas Baur explains the new hires will help the company increase its capability in finance and growth management as it enters a new phase of growth. Heinemann has 12 years' experience in the games and media industries; in 2004 he founded Crazy Frog, a digital content licensing company, and prior to joining Dtp, he was a partner of the Imagepeople communication agency, where he developed mandates for companies like Volkswagen, T-Mobile, and Microsoft. Müller-Borle has worked in financial services since the '80s, most recently holding financial management positions in the AXA group. Said Baur, “We continue to grow solidly and must rise to new challenges daily. We needed to increase our capabilities in finance and in managing our growth into the international games market. We win a valuable industry veteran with Stefan Heinemann and are looking forward to successful team play. The finance sector is a key element of business management. Dtp is happy to have an experienced financial manager like Eric Müller-Borle on board as we prepare for the challenges ahead."

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