Distance Learning Program Announced For Aspiring Game Developers

e-Institute, a New York City-based distance learning company, announced GameInstitute, a series of online courses for aspiring game developers.
GameInstitute will offer eight Internet courses, consisting of electronic textbooks in PDF or HTML format, multimedia lectures, chat rooms with the faculty, and message boards. The courses will be 6-12 weeks long and will cost $45-$90 (including materials). GameInstitute states that an additional dozen courses are scheduled to roll out by the end of the year. The faculty members, and their corresponding courses, are the following:
  • John De Goes (Game Mathematics, Introduction to C and C++ Programming)
  • Brian Eiserloh (Introduction to C and C++ Programming)
  • Alex Ferrier (3D Game Programming with OpenGL, Real Time 3D Terrain Rendering Part II)
  • Adam Hoult (Advanced 3D BSP, PVS and CSG Techniques)
  • Mickey Kawick (DirectX Programming Sight and Sound)
  • Peter Kovach (3D Game Programming with Direct3D)
  • Andre LaMothe (No course listed)
  • Gary Simmons (Advanced 3D BSP, PVS and CSG Techniques)
  • Stan Trujillo (Exploring The DirectInput 8 API, Network Game Programming with DirectX 8)
  • Bryan Turner (RealTime 3D Terrain Rendering Part I & II) The first series of classes begins April 16th.
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