DICE's Channon: Mirror's Edge First-Person View About Character Connection

Talking to Gamasutra about EA DICE's Mirror's Edge, producer Nick Channon has been examining the design choices behind the game, noting that the "connection" po
Talking to Gamasutra about EA DICE's Mirror's Edge, producer Nick Channon has been examining the design choices behind the game, noting that the "connection" possible using a first-person view means that players can feel like they are "being in an action movie, instead of playing it". Channon explained how the studio was motivated to use the first person perspective in Mirror's Edge not as a genre, but simply as a design choice that communicates the game's flow and momentum: "At DICE, we've done a lot of first person work, and so that kind of inspired us to create [this] -- we wanted to create something quite urban, and we wanted to create a game that was all about movement. I think the other thing was, as well, that we really wanted to create a connection with you and the character, and the fact that you're playing the game through the eyes of Faith; as soon as you get to third person, you would be watching Faith, whereas we want you to be connected to her. The analogy we give is 'being in an action movie, instead of playing it,' and I think that's more rewarding. And I think, also, we wanted to create something very fresh, and it's been a challenge, but we're really pleased with where we are." Speaking against the assumption that players relate to characters more when they see them from a third-person perspective, because they can see their animations and motions, Channon argued that that's just what people are used to: "I think we wanted to make something that's different. You make, actually, more connection when you're controlling them in that first person, we feel. We think it's really cool, the way you get glimpses of Faith in the game world: You see her in reflections, you see her in shadow, and I think that gives a really nice feel to the game. Obviously, in the storytelling we do, you see Faith, but we actually show her in a different way, so it's 2D, more cartoon animation." You can now read the full Gamasutra interview with Mirror's Edge producer Nick Channon for his thoughts on the game's color design, simplified button combinations, and more (no registration required, please feel free to link to this feature from other websites).

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