Dare To Be Digital 2006 Competition Winners Announced

Organizers of the UK-based game development competition, Dare to be Digital, have announced the contest's winners in each of its three main categories, with top prizes going to Metalheads, Flux, and Gal-ex: Spatial Delivery.
Organizers of the UK-based game development competition, Dare to be Digital, have announced the contest's winners in each of its three main categories. The contest, hosted by Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland, pitted student game designers from around the world against each other with a short deadline and industry advisors in order to produce the best game prototype over the course of the summer vacation. The three main prizes for 2006, each worth £2000 ($3810), were awarded to Artisan's Nintendo DS magnetic platforming game Metalheads for 'Most Commercial Potential,' Log2n's musical strategy game Flux for 'Greatest Innovation and Creativity,' and Rule of Thumb's 3D action title Gal-ex: Spatial Delivery took the prize for 'Best Use of Technology.' An additional £1000 ($1905) prize for 'Best Use of Screenwriting' was awarded to Phaigo Interactive for its first-person drama Spaceport. Images of all of the titles are being showcased on Dare to Be Digital's 2006 site. In addition to the main awards, Phaigo Interactive's Nicholas Koumentakis and Yin Su (Jason) took home Virtuoso Prize and 'Best Artist' award respectively, while Rule of Thumb's Alan McNicholas was recognized as the winner of the 'Best Programmer' award. A trio of awards that included £500 ($952) in prize money each were given to Gavan Acton of Log2n for 'Best Team Leader,' Artisan's Pradeep Dewars for 'Best International Scholar,' and to the entire Rule of Thumb team for 'Best Team Player.' "It has been great to work with Dare for the fourth year running" commented Electronic Arts' executive producer and vice president, Richard Leinfellner, who continues to be one of Dare's strongest supporters. "I am continually impressed with the quality of talent this innovative and unique experience manages to attract. It is by far the best pre-employment proving ground for the interactive entertainment sector."

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