Daglow To Keynote Future Play At GDC Canada

Game design luminary and former Stormfront Studios (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers) president/CEO Don Daglow will give a keynote at the Future Play 09 conference at GDC Canada, taking place this May in Vancouver.
Game design luminary and former Stormfront Studios president/CEO Don Daglow will serve as a keynote speaker for the Future Play 09 conference running alongside GDC Canada, which will take place May 12-13th in Vancouver, British Columbia. Daglow's career highlights include programming the first computer baseball game in 1971 before even reaching his twenties; developing Dungeon, the first true role-playing game; creating Utopia, the first sim game, and working on Intellivision World Series Baseball, the first sports game that displayed game-play in three dimensions. He speaks extensively on the topics of game design, interactive media and the video games industry, and has delivered keynote addresses in Canada, Germany, the UK and the United States. Daglow previously appeared at Future Play 2008 in Toronto as a keynote speaker. The Future Play event brings together academics, industry leaders, government officials, investors, and students to discuss future game developments, future game impacts and applications and future game talent. Researchers and leading intellectuals from universities around the world share their findings on those three areas in various panels and lectures. Other scheduled Future Play speakers so far include Duane M. Dunfield, President of Red Hot Learning; Eric Gagnon, General Manager of Cinetek Studio; Jerry Heneghan, Founder and CEO of Virtual Heroes Incorporated; and more. More information and registration details for Future Play at Game Developers Conference Canada 2009 can be found at Future Play's official site.

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