Crytek to Use GameSpy Technology for Crysis

IGN's GameSpy technology will be incorporated into Crysis, Crytek's upcoming sci-fi FPS, under the terms of a newly-announced agreement that adds community integration features and facilitates beta testing through the use of GameSpy's middleware.
IGN’s online gaming technology platform GameSpy has announced a licensing deal to incorporate its multiplayer technology into Crysis, the upcoming sci-fi first-person shooter from Crytek. Under the terms of the agreement, in addition to using GameSpy's technology for online gaming, Crytek will also utilize it for community integration and beta testing. GameSpy technologies to be included in Crysis include the "Comrade" in-game middleware, which adds instant messaging, friend rosters and matchmaking capabilities; "Sake," which allows Crytek to store player profiles and stats online, and "ATLAS," which enables the creation of a stat system for competitions in-game and on the Crysis Web site. GameSpy has also recently announced that it has joined Epic's Integrated Partners Program to make the company's suite of online technology available to all Unreal Engine 3 licensees to enable seamless PC and PlayStation 3 interoperability. “By utilizing the beta test program and latest GameSpy technologies, we have been able to provide a complete solution in developing a multiplayer experience that meets our high standard of excellence," said Avni Yerli, Crysis managing director.

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