Creator: Islamic 'Recruitment' Game Video Misunderstood

Following recent news of a video trailer that showed that the EA-published PC game Battlefield 2
Following recent news of a video trailer that showed that the EA-published PC game Battlefield 2 had been modified and made into an Islamic militant training tool, news service Reuters has spoken with its creator, who has officialy reiterated his previous comments that the “home-made creation was nothing more than a bit of fun.” While the video itself was recently shown to members of the U.S. government as an example of Islamic recruitment, Samir, the game's Dutch author, who decided not to give his full name for the article, indicated that in fact it was simply created to show to members of a forum dedicated to Battlefield 2, and to solicit feedback on his skills at video production. "Government agencies should do more research before coming to conclusions," said Samir in the report. "The movie wasn't what they presented it to be." The 11-minute video itself depicted a a Arab man with a machine gun fighting U.S. forces against a backdrop of music taken from the comedy Team America: World Police. The news report also indicated that, considering these recent events, Samir is second guessing a trip he had planned to take to New York in the near future, for fear of being interrogated.

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