Codemasters Appoints Four New Execs

Codemasters (Colin McRae: Dirt, Overlord) appointed four new members to its senior management team, naming former Bally Wulff CEO Alex Herr as SVP of its EMEA publishing division and EA Europe vet Alex Bertie as vice president of brand and marketin
Codemasters (Colin McRae: Dirt, Overlord) appointed four new members to its senior management team, naming a new publishing senior vice president, marketing vice president, finance vice president, and digital technologies director. Alex Herr, who previously worked as managing director for THQ Entertainment GmbH and Nintendo of Europe GmbH before serving as Bally Wulff Entertainment's CEO, will be Codemasters' new senior vice president of publishing for its EMEA division. Working from the company's offices in Hamburg Germany, Herr's responsibilities include managing Codemasters' publishing business in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Distributor Territories. Alex Bertie, previously Electronic Arts’ European Studios marketing director, will work from the studio's corporate headquarters in Warwickshire, UK as vice president of brand and marketing. Bertie's duties include managing strategic and operational marketing, including brand and product management, on a worldwide basis. Sony BMG's former UK Finance Director Paul Martin joins Codemasters as vice president of finance, where he will be responsible for driving forward the company's finance agenda. Matt Jeffery will serve as director of digital technologies and will manage business opportunities for Codemasters’ technologies, such as the EGOTM Engine and the company’s digital delivery systems. Prior to Codemasters, Jeffery worked at Sony Computer Entertainment for five years as platform development manager. Says Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens: "Axel, Alex, Paul and Matt have already made their mark in their respective fields. They are driven, have a hunger to succeed and a high work ethic. At Codemasters, they are a good fit and can be the incoming tide that takes the company forward. By targeting revenue uplift in excess of 50 percent in the current fiscal year, Codemasters is poised for its greatest surge yet."

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