Codemasters Announces Three New Overlord Games

Codemasters has revealed three new games in the Overlord franchise, each tailored to a specific format - with a direct sequel from Triumph Studios on the 360, PS3 and PC, plus two separate games for the Wii and DS from Climax Studios.
UK publisher Codemasters has revealed three separate new games in the Overlord franchise, each tailored to a specific format. Overlord II, by series creators Triumph Studios, will be released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC next year. As in the original game, the player controls an evil character attempting to take over the world, and this time, he faces off against an enemy styled after the Roman Empire. Also announced at the same time is Overlord: Dark Legend for the Wii, to be developed by Climax Studios. The game features similar gameplay to the other home console titles, but in a more fairytale-style setting, and using the Wii's motion controls. The final new game announcement is Overlord: Minions for the DS, also by Climax, which is billed as a "puzzle action game" in which players direct four specific minions remotely using the touch screen. The first game drew generally positive reviews for its parody of fantasy clichés and unusual mix of third person action and tactical elements. "As a million-plus seller Overlord is now a significant brand in the ever-growing Codemasters portfolio,” said Barry Jafrato, senior vice president of brand at Codemasters. "With specific titles published across major formats and download content available, Overlord has established a huge cult following and won widespread critical acclaim."

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