CMP, Hollywood Reporter Announce Hollywood and Games Summit

The CMP Game Group, host of the industry-leading Game Developers Conference (GDC), and entertainment trade publication The Hollywood Reporter are responding to the ever-i...
The CMP Game Group, host of the industry-leading Game Developers Conference (GDC), and entertainment trade publication The Hollywood Reporter are responding to the ever-increasing convergence between film and interactive entertainment by co-producing the inaugural Hollywood and Games Summit. Editorial teams from both organizations are now collaborating on the program agenda for the June 27, 2006 conference, set to take place in Beverly Hills, Calif. “It seemed only natural to join forces with The Hollywood Reporter, the leading entertainment industry news source, to co-host an event focused on the growing collaboration between the two industries,” Jamil Moledina, GDC director, said. “By combining our resources and expertise, we can assure the quality of material presented during the summit, as well as attract the most relevant attendees.” Hollywood studios and video game publishers are increasingly looking to each other for creative and business ideas that will lead to the next hottest video game or movie blockbuster. The summit will allow leaders from the respective industries to interact and discuss best practices for strategically marketing original IP via both media to greatest effect. The conference also will feature discussions on such topics as content development, rights management, production, art, music and design. “Some of Hollywood's most creative and successful crossovers have resulted from game visionaries collaborating with their counterparts in movies, television and music,” said Chris Marlowe, editorial director of digital media for The Hollywood Reporter. “In the same vein, we're excited about the crossover opportunities that arise by partnering with industry leader CMP on a new and needed event.” Focused sessions, small-scale exhibits and networking opportunities will be available through the event, and more information about the Hollywood and Games Summit will be offered at the official Hollywood and Games webiste in January, 2006. [The Hollywood and Games Summit is co-produced by CMP Game Group, which also runs, as well as GDC Europe, Game Developer magazine and Game Developer magazine.]

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