CausePlay Debuts Hospitopia Fundraising Game

A new hospital-themed social game, Hospitopia, has been developed to support charitable causes, and the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals will receive 10 percent of the game's revenues.
The Children's Miracle Network Hospitals are benefiting from a new fundraising strategy: Hospitopia, a hospital-themed Facebook game created by CausePlay, a developer that works to help nonprofits. Hospitopia tasks players with building a virtual hospital, and 10 percent of the revenues the game accrues will go to benefit Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Users can even select which hospital within the charitable network will be their beneficiary, and that hospital earns "special prizes and incentives. " "With nearly 27 percent of the US population playing social games, the time felt right for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to expand its fundraising tactics into this growing space,” says Craig Sorensen, the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals' chief marking officer. Within Hospitopia, players can earn game points by viewing video content, which means advertisers or other organizations can present public service announcements, trailers or other promotions within the game. At launch, for example, Hospitopia showed Children's Miracle Network PSAs. Hospitopia represents the debut of CausePlay's Cause Integrations tool for advertisers, which it describes as a "marketing and branding technique that integrates advertisers into game play and offers game points to users for engaging."

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