Capcom Stresses Multiplatform Stance After Wii Comments

Despite disappointing Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles sales, Capcom reasserted its stance as a multiplatform developer after widely- reported comments about core game prospects on Wii.
Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles sales may have disappointed Capcom, but the publisher is quickly reasserting its stance as a multi-platform developer after widely-publicized comments about the potential for core games on Wii. The title's weak 16,000-unit performance led Capcom France's Antoine Seux to tell French website GameKult that "gamers have obviously moved on" from the Wii and that mature core titles have little opportunity on the platform. "Further to comments made in a recent article on French website Gamekult, Capcom would like to confirm its commitment as a multi-platform developer and publisher of interactive software," the company told media outlets today in a statement. Capcom, however, is not the only traditional publisher to criticize its market opportunity on Wii in recent days. Sega's Constantine Hantzopoulos said that, "stunned" by weak performance of Electronic Arts' Dead Space Extraction, the company would "probably not" do further mature titles on the platform.

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