Capcom, Camelot Partner For Wii Exclusive We Love Golf

Capcom has announced it will partner with Camelot Software (Hot Shots Golf, Mario Golf) to develop We Love Golf! for the Wii, a game that will use the Wii Remote's functionality and emulate real-world fairway physics like wind speed and dire
Capcom has announced a partnership with Camelot Software (Hot Shots Golf, Mario Golf) to develop We Love Golf! for the Wii. According to Capcom, this latest title, which employs the Wii Remote as a golf club, will be released in North America in 2008. We Love Golf! includes single player and up to four-player head-to-head competitions, and will require players to contend with fairway physics factors like wind speed and direction to choose their clubs accordingly. Telecast-style presentations will let players see their shots in the air or approaching the hole, and Capcom also promises multiple game modes ranging from tournament, training, special mini-game style challenges and more. Playing through the various game modes will unlock new playable characters, multiple new courses with unique obstacles, and dozens of accessories, costumes and clubs to tailor the game's look and feel. "Camelot’s pedigree in this genre, coupled with Capcom’s creative expertise, is a virtual hole in one," said Nique Fajors, vice president, marketing, Capcom Entertainment. "Combining an already great game concept with the exciting innovations possible on the Wii is a winning formula for an amazing experience for gaming and golfing fans."

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