Call for Papers: International Conference on Cybernetics

Organizers of The CITSA 2009 have put out a call for papers and abstracts, with an emphasis this year on works with a computer games development topic. The conference covers research and practical topics in computerized, communications and control systems
Organizers of The 6th International Conference on Cybernetics and Information Technologies, Systems and Applications (CITSA 2009) have put out a call for papers and abstracts, with an emphasis this year on works with a computer games development topic. Authors may submit original and unpublished works of analogy-based thinking hypothesis, innovations, experience-based reflections and ideas, specific problems requiring solutions, case studies, and position papers, in the fields of computer, communication and control and their social and industrial applications, as well as in the relationships between two of these areas or among all of them. The deadline to submit is October 28. The authors of accepted works will be notified by January 14, 2009, and camera-ready papers must be delivered by February 25, 2009. Submitted papers or extended abstracts will have three kinds of reviews: double blind (by at least three reviewers), non-blind, and participative peer-to-peer reviews. Authors of accepted papers who register for the conference can have access to the reviews made to their submission so they can accordingly improve the final version of their papers. Non-registered authors may not have access to the reviews of their respective submissions. Awards will be granted to the best paper of those presented at each session. The best 10 to 20 percent of the papers presented at the conference will be selected for publication in the Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics. The conference’s stated purpose is to provide researchers, practitioners, developers, consultants, and end-users of computerized, communications and control systems and technologies, as well as their industrial and social applications in the private and the public sectors, an opportunity to join in a common place sharing experience and knowledge. It is intended to be a forum to expose and share current and future research work and innovations in these areas, as well as in the relationships among them. One of the primary objectives of the 2009 conference is to promote and encourage learning and sharing of research across disciplines. And intellectually, the conference is meant to promote systemic thinking and practices, including the analogical thinking that characterizes the Systems Approach. Additional details for submitting papers and abstracts area available online. The conference will take place in Orlando, Fla., July 10 through 13, 2009.

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