BrandIntel Study Finds Highest, Broadest Appeal For The Wii

BrandIntel has its latest report, finding the highest "intent to purchase" scores and the most favorable and broadest consumer appeal for the Wii, hardcore gamers calling the Xbox 360 their "console of choice", and the PS3 praised for its hardware power,
A new report from BrandIntel analyzing consumer sentiment and discussion share around next-generation gaming consoles states that while the Xbox 360 "currently holds the top spot with hard-core gamers," it's the Nintendo Wii, with the highest "intent to purchase" scores and broader consumer appeal, that is positioned to lead the next-gen console market. Additionally, the Wii "appeals to the widely untapped casual gaming audience," says the report, titled "Top Video Game Console Report: Consumer Insight Monitor," adding that its "price, innovation and ease of use" are other key points in the Wii's corner. The report is based on consumer responses about the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii spanning the time period from January 1, 2007 to July 24, 2007. Additional key findings from the study include: The Nintendo Wii "generated very positive levels of appeal and brand image," and "came highly recommended by consumers." The Xbox 360 "generated the least discussion," as the report says, due to its relative maturity, but "received positive sentiment" from its game lineup, making it the console of choice for gaming enthusiasts. The report also says that the PS3 also generated high levels of discussion regarding its processing power and hard drive, but was "perceived more negatively" than its competitors, as the report states, "due in part to its high cost and lack of attractive games." "As the console war heats up again for the holiday season, Nintendo has been able to successfully target a new audience of casual gamers which has opened up new marketing and revenue opportunities for the company," said Alan Dean, VP of business innovation at BrandIntel. "As the Nintendo Wii moves beyond the hype, consumers are looking for games that can compete with the bigger name titles produced by their competitors."

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