BitComposer Releasing Jagged Alliance 3 In 2011

German publisher bitComposer Games announced that it's secured the full rights to the Jagged Alliance license from Strategy First and hopes to release Jagged Alliance 3 some time in 2011.
bitComposer Games, an independent publisher operating out of Eschborn, Germany, announced that it's secured the full rights to the Jagged Alliance license from Strategy First and hopes to release Jagged Alliance 3 some time in 2011. Though the tactical RPG series has enjoyed a devoted fanbase since its debut by original developer Sir-Tech Software in 1994, Jagged Alliance hasn't seen a numbered release since 1999. Strategy First eventually acquired the license and even released the Wildfire expansion pack for Jagged Alliance 2 but has struggled to put out a full follow-up. Strategy First announced that it was working with Russian developer MiST Land South to develop two sequels in 2004, Jagged Alliance 3D (essentially Jagged Alliance 2 using a new 3D engine) and Jagged Alliance 3, both of which were eventually cancelled due to conflicts between the companies and MiST Land South's closure. The publisher then announced in 2008 that it was working with two other Russian studios, Akella and F3games, to create Jagged Alliance 3, but development on that project was cancelled, too. Since then, the cult series has remained dormant for the most part, other than a Nintendo DS port for the original Jagged Alliance released last May and a movie licensing deal several years ago. bitComposer acknowledges the issues Strategy First has faced with releasing a new Jagged Alliance installment but clarifies that it's taking over future development work under the license, with the exception of a social network game based on the franchise under development by Strategy First. The German publisher's previously released games include S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, The Void, and Scorpion: Disfigured. It says it has plans to preserve the basic concept of previous Jagged Alliance games while placing it in a contemporary setting. "Although Jagged Alliance 2 was published over ten years ago now, the game still represents a milestone in the genre and boasts a huge following of loyal fans," says biComposer Games CEO Wolfgang Duhr, Managing Director of bitComposer Games. "We are delighted to acquire this classic game for bitComposer, and want to continue the success of the previous titles in the series, while giving the new version a contemporary look, bearing in mind the strong features of its predecessors."

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