Best of GameSetWatch: From Adult Boxing to Mega64

We highlight the week's alternative news and curiosities from sister blog GameSetWatch, checking out Mega64's newest GDC 2010 commercial, and an adult boxing machine that dispenses condoms and thongs.
[Gamasutra highlights a week's worth of alternative video gaming news, media, and other curiosities from sister blog GameSetWatch, as written by editor Eric Caoili.] This round-up features a look at Microsoft's new Japanese mascot as he risks life and limb to secure Eastern titles for the Xbox 360, Keita Takahashi's presentation at an Apple Store showing off Noby Noby Boy for iPhone, and SCEA's reality show competition in which participants vie for an illustrious game tester job. Other highlights include a new and geekier GDC 2010 promotional video from the Mega 64 gang (pictured); and Box4Sex, an adult boxing machine that gives out condoms and thongs to players. This past week's top stories: - Striktly 4 The Nerdz: GDC 2010 Commercial, Take 2 "Unfazed by the rejection of its last promotional video for the 2010 Game Developers Conference, the Mega64 crew quickly went to work to produce this revised commercial, focusing less on the trade show's rave parties (mostly because there won't be any) and more on its geekier aspects." - Adult Boxing Game Dispenses Thongs, Condoms "Box4Sex offers a speed bag that you hit once as hard as possible. Depending on the strength of your punch, the machine will spit out (through a hole decorated with squiggly sperm cells) a capsule that rewards you with rings, thong underwear, and condoms!" - Fami-Mode: All-Star Japanese Chiptune Show This Weekend "While not as big as New York City's Blip Fest, Tokyo's Fami-Mode is still a must-attend event for micromusic fans in the area, as it gathers some of the country's top chip talent for a big concert and dance party that kicks off at midnight and doesn't end until 5AM." - Man With X Head Drafted To Sell 360s In Japan "Unsatisfied with hardware sales in Japan, Microsoft searched for a spokesman that could convert gamers into Xbox 360 fans and found itself a perfect mascot: Mr. Sanrokumaru (which translates as 3-6-0), a man with an X for a head. He joins two other salarymen from Microsoft's Xbox Mission Department in the company's latest commercials." - Takahashi Shows Off Noby Noby Boy iPhone At Tokyo Apple Store "Takahashi's presentation is entirely in Japanese, but he shows bits of the game that prove this mobile version will be just as weird as the PSN release and even stranger than initial screenshots indicated." - Superbrothers, Capy Preview Projects At Hand Eye Society Social "Toronto's indie games advocacy group The Hand Eye Society will show off two previously unseen projects, Heartbeat and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, during a get-together on February 11th at Unit Bar hosted by Nathan Vella, president of indie studio Capy (Critter Crunch)." - SCEA Announces Cast For Reality Show Competition To Become A Game Tester "After sifting through thousands of submissions, Sony Computer Entertainment America picked out 11 contestants for The Tester, its reality show competition to decide which of the entrants will receive an SCEA game tester job and a $5,000 signing bonus."

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