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We round up the week's top console digital download news from sister site GamerBytes, including notable Xbox Live Indie Games price drops, Matt Hazard's digital debut, and cult arcade title Toki's retu
[We round up the top console digital download news of the last week from GamerBytes, including brand-new game announcements and scoops from the world of Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, WiiWare, PSP Minis and DSiWare.] This week has been all about the two extremes - the casual and the hardcore. On one hand, you have games like Tower Bloxx Deluxe, Picture Books, and Domo minigames, while on the other you have Panzer Generals, Trine, Lost Winds and the Oddworld series. If you're in either of those camps, you'll be pretty happy with this week's offerings. This week has also been a fairly big week for Xbox Live Indie Games - a lot of good, quality games have been released. So if you're one of those fellows who never wanders into those waters, we've got a handy guide or two for you to look at. Here are the highlights for the last seven days: GamerBytes Originals Old XBL Indie Games Drop In Price - What You Should Pick Up? "As of today, the 200MSP price point no longer exists on the Xbox Live Indie Games, so what should you pick up for a single dollar?" Store Updates XBLA Update - Tower Bloxx Deluxe, Panzer Generals, Magic TG DLC NA PSN Store Update - Trine, Oddworld, Lumines Price Cut & DLC, Mahjongg Artifacts And Vempire EU PSN Store Update - Red Bull X-Fighters, Cheap Everyday Shooter NA Nintendo Update - Lost Winds 2, Shootanto, Rygar And 5 Domo-Kun DSiWare Titles EU Nintendo Update - Picture Books, Protothea, Shinobi, Dragons And A Little Bit of... Dr Kawashima Microsoft (Xbox Live Arcade, XBL Indie Games) Indie Watch: The Alpha Secret Base Collection "We take a look at the 5 games recently released by the Japanese Indie developer." Indie Watch - The Square Faced Cat Says SWAP! "Arkedo have released their second Xbox Live Indie Game - SWAP!: a puzzle game with a simple and fun art direction." Toki To Go Ape Spit On Xbox Live Arcade? "Golgoth Studios have taken it upon themselves to recreate Toki, a classic 1989 arcade game, and one nobody expected to make a return." Capsized Coming To Xbox 360 "The two-man team at Alientrap Software have announced their next project, Capsized, will be coming to the Xbox 360 in 2010." Sony (PlayStation Network, PSP Minis) First Footage Of Matt Hazard: Blood Bath & Beyond "On this week's episode of GameTrailers TV, the first footage of Matt Hazard's XBLA and PSN game was revealed." Calling All Cars Calling It Quits Online "A new update to Calling All Cars reveals that the online mode will be taken down early next year." Savage Moon Comes To The PSP "Fluffy Logic, via the PlayStation Blog, have revealed that their PSN title Savage Moon will be getting its own new campaign on the PSP." Nintendo (WiiWare, DSiWare) Muscle March Coming To The West "The German USK rating system has updated, and it included a welcome surprise - the reveal that Muscle March is coming to the West!"

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