Atari Announces Heroes Over Europe

Atari has announced that, working in association with original publisher Red Mile Entertainment, it will publish Heroes Over Europe, a sequel to combat flight simulator Heroes of the Pacific, expected to release next year on Xbox 360, PS3 an
Atari has announced a sequel to combat flight simulator Heroes of the Pacific -- the new title, called Heroes over Europe, is due out next year on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. The game will be developed by Australian company Transmission Games, formerly IR Gurus, in association with original publisher Red Mile Entertainment, which has recently restructured. The first game in the series was published by Codemasters in Europe and by Ubisoft in North America. The new title is described as an "ultra-realistic seat-of-the-pants tactical flight combat game" and follows the Allied air campaign from the London Blitz to the destruction of Berlin. "Transmission Games did an incredible job on the first game, Heroes of the Pacific and this second game in the series is definitely benefiting from that experience,“ said Simon Price, president of Red Mile Entertainment. “We are very excited to partner with Atari to bring this stunning title to gamers worldwide."

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