Aspyr, Activision Partner For PC/Mac Guitar Hero III

Aspyr Media has announced that it has partnered with Activision to develop and publish a PC and Mac version of Guitar Hero III, bringing exclusive unlockable content and expanded online multiplayer modes to the third installment in the popular rock
Developer and Publisher Aspyr Media (Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, Stubbs The Zombie) has announced that it has partnered with Activision to bring the third installment of the Guitar Hero franchise, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, to PC and Mac this fall. Developed and published exclusively by Aspyr, the PC and Mac versions will match their console counterparts with new content and features including a multiplayer battle mode, boss battles, exclusive unlockable content and a variety of rock venues, with more than 70 songs in the set list, and more original master tracks than in previous Guitar Hero games. The online multiplayer game modes will be expanded, also allowing PC and Mac enthusiasts to compete head-to-head against players around the world and across either platform, raising the level of competition. "Working with such a wildly successful franchise and helping to strengthen an already powerful brand has us feeling like rock stars ourselves, only without the fame, money or musical talent," said Ted Staloch, executive vice president of publishing for Aspyr. "Providing the option for our fans to play Guitar Hero at their desk or on a laptop on the go is incredibly exciting, and we're thrilled to now offer the ability to rock out literally anywhere and everywhere," said Dusty Welch, head of publishing at RedOctane.

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